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Heather Williams, Signage

by on October 27, 2011

Heather Williams

Signage Idea:

I used delicate geometric and symmetrical shapes for the background image to represent styles of Islamic dining. Their silverware is very intricate and highly detailed. The details are very delicate and soft.

I am part of the artifacts group. In contributing to this group, I found precedents of museum design and have researched artifacts from different areas of the world. I researched plates from Islamic culture and looked at their pattern and symmetry. I think we should find artifacts from different areas geographically and also from different time periods and compare them.

Ideas for our exhibit:

  • Signage
    • Signage could be hung from the ceiling leading up to the exhibit to direct people where to go
  • Artifacts
    • Represent artifacts used in dining such as silverware and also tables and chairs
    • Research the styles of the geographical area and time periods where the artifacts are from
    • Relate the artifact design aspects to the designs of the place and time periods they are from

Below are some artifacts I researched from different places


The plates are Islamic and Indian design, and the spoons are from North America and Germany.



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