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Fondue…not to be confused with Fondant

by on October 5, 2011

ForkPlateTable…the fondue fork. Clever little tool to enjoy tidbits of food dip in cheese, chocolate, or meat that’s been cooked in hot oil. I am curious about this pleasant experience of sitting around a communal pot and sharing a meal with those we can tolerate, (yeah, I have a weak stomach when it comes to dipping with  those who irritate me) Did this stem from a   traditional way to eat, or was it just a fad that became popular with what was hip at the time. Either way, I would like to apply the precedence of the Charlotte Mint Museum to exhibit my research of the fondue experience. I think fondue is more about experience of socializing than the actual food, and I always experience a little bit of history when visiting this museum. They have a way of allowing interaction while providing information through exposure.

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