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YOUNG MOON_3 artifacts

by on October 5, 2011


I think tools or utensils (fork, plate, and table), which are used to eat food, reflect the culture of country where it is used.

In Korea, The Silver Spoon and Chopstick set was used for the royalty to check whether the food for King was poisoned or not.

It is still used for some group of people who likes it and toothpaste is used to clean it when the color turns to darker by the use.

“Google Image Result for Korean Silver Spoon and Chopstick.” Web. 5 Oct. 2011.


The Brass Bowl set is Korean traditional plate which is focused on serving and storing of food.

It is a little bit weighty, but it keeps the temperature of food for a while (rice and stew).

“Google Image Result for Korean Bass Bowl.” Web. 5 Oct. 2011.


This Korean traditional table(lower than regular dining table) is used for light refreshment (rice cake and tea).

When a person serves, he or she (particularly female) carry the table with light refreshment from kitchen to living room area.

“Google Image Result for Korean Light Refreshment Table.” Web. 5 Oct. 2011.


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