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the 20th century fork, Jack Kennedy

by on September 30, 2011

This particular fork I chose because it represents 20th century silver at a peak of development.  This pattern was developed in teh 1920’s by the Durgin Company.  The pattern is Fairfax and was later adopted by Gorham when they purchased Durgin.  The pattern is still produced today.  The pattern was available customized with different engraving patterns.  This allowed individuals to customize thier silver to their liking, giving thema higher level of customization.


The above two plates represent choice of customization in china patterns.  Both plates, Wedgewood, The Etruia, are the same pattern.  However, two different colors are shown, and there is a thrid color as well.  The availability of three colors for one pattern of plate coinsides with the flatware above.  Multiple choices of the same item in many different formats gave the individual the greatest sense of choice and customization.


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